Throughout the course you will complete a variety of assignments geared to help you clarify your career goals and identify the necessary skills and education required to help you realize your goals. Instructions for each assignment are attached to the syllabus. Due dates are suggested and I will be accepting assignments through Thanksgiving break.  


Assignment One: Degree Program Checklist and Planner 
Assignment Two: Career Center/SDS
Assignment Three: Informational Interview
Assignment Four: Resume/Job Application

 To receive Credit for the class, the student MUST:

  1. complete all assigned assignments
  2. meet individually with the instructor
  3. register at the career center

ALL written materials submitted must be TYPED in Times New Roman 12 font and look highly professional. A major reduction in your grade on the assignment will be made if this policy is not followed. When typing assignments, you are required to type the questions as well as answers. Additionally, all assignments are to be submitted in a 1 V2 -inch three-ring binder (example shown in class). All assignments will remain in the binder in reverse chronological order (i.e., the most recent assignment is on top and in front when the binder is opened) and separated by dividers for the duration of the semester. Do not store extraneous materials in the binder (e.g., paper, disks, extra dividers not between assignments). This will count against your grade. The course name and number, semester, professor’s name, and your name should be clearly and professionally depicted on the front of the binder as indicated in class. A sample binder is available for students to review. The example binder also helps students in terms of order of materials in the assignment. Incorrect order counts off. Examples of binder layout are also available online.

 Assignment One:  Degree Program Checklist and Planner

Click here for the Link to Spartan Psych Series
Click here for the
Power Point Presentation About Training Issues In Psychology.  This power point addresses the differences between the MFT, LCSW, PsyD, and the PhD. 

  1. Complete the Psychology Degree Program Checklist and the appropriate four or two year planner (  Write the grade you received in the appropriate areas for courses completed.  Indicate the semester/year for all courses you are currently taking or will take in the future (e.g., F09 for Fall 2009, Sp09 for Spring 2009, Sml0 for Summer 2010). Indicate the semester/year for all electives you have already taken, are currently taking, or plan to take beside the course number.
  1. Complete the Degree Program Planner starting at the beginning of your college career and carrying it through to your graduation. Make sure you have the proper order/sequencing (taking into account prerequisites and course offerings as discussed in class and in the course catalog). Think your course plan and course selections out. You want to select courses that will help you prepare for and realize your short and long-term goals. Each course should be furthering your knowledge in relation to your career plan. A helpful reference here is PsycSeries 4. It contains a sample degree program and also offers elective coursework suggestions. The Degree Program Planner must be typed.  You may need to use a smaller size than the “Times New Roman 12” utilized elsewhere in this assignment in order for the information to fit in the spaces. However, it should still be legible. You may need more than one of these sheets if your degree will take longer than 5 years to complete (i.e., part-time students). Be sure to boldface the psychology courses so they can be easily seen in the planner.
  1. Printout a copy of your current transcript. If you have attended more than one university and the courses from the other university do not show on your SJSU transcript, you need to include a copy of those university transcripts as well.
  1. At the very end of the assignment, you are to include a copy of the complete PsycSeries (1-10). This copy must be on white paper (not grey). (Note: Failure to include this piece of the assignment in the proper form will result in a zero for the entire assignment.) 

The order of the material in your binder for the first assignment will be:

  1. Cover sheet indicating “Assignment One: Degree Program Checklist and Planner” and your name centered on the page.
  2. Degree Program Checklist
  3. Degree Program Planner
  4. Transcript(s)
  5. PsycSeries 1 -10  

Assignment Two: Career Center Personal Profile or SDS

In these exercises, you will be presented with an opportunity to learn more about yourself as it relates to your career goals and how your interests are similar/dissimilar to people in different occupations.

Complete the following:

Go to the Career Center and take the MBTI and SII.  Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to go over your results. 

The order of the material in your binder for the second assignment will be:

  1. Cover sheet indicating “Assignment Two: Career Center” and your name centered on the page.
  2. Copy of your MBTI Results
  3. Half-page summary of MBTI Results and what it means to you.*
  4. Copy of your SII Results
  5. Half-page summary of SII Results and what it means to you*
  6. One-page explanation of your session with the career counselor.

*Remember to use your own words! See section on “Academic Integrity” regarding plagiarism.


  1. Self-Directed Search — This is a vocational interest test developed by John Holland and is completed online. The cost of this test is approximately $9.95. The exact link is  The Web site only accepts credit cards for payment. In addition to completing the test, the student will review the interpretation and present information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH, may be found online) on two positions listed as being in his/her interest area. If you are not able to find sufficient information from the OOH, you may search Occupational Information Network/ONET ( Also, the student will be asked to identify why they chose to look at these particular positions. You will turn in both the SDS interpretation printout from the computer, the printouts on the positions from the OOH or ONET, the summaries of the OOH materials, and the individual paragraphs stating specifically why you chose to pursue each position. See example binder for layout and further information.  The information on the positions is sometimes difficult to find in the OOH and ONET. As a result, students are encouraged to allow plenty of time to search through this database. The chosen occupations must have different OOH summaries (i.e., they cannot fall under the same OOH summary, e.g., clinical psychologist and counseling psychologist). You are to highlight the two (2) positions in the SDS printout that you chose to review.

The order of the material in your binder for the second assignment will be:

  1. Cover sheet indicating “Assignment Two: SDS” and your name centered on the page.
  2. SDS Printout
  3. OOH Occupation Printout #1
  4. Half-page summary of OOH occupation #1 titled “Summary of (insert Occupation’s Name)”*
  5. Half-page explanation of why you chose to pursue occupation #1 titled “Why I Chose to Pursue an Occupation in (insert Occupation’s Name)”
  6. OOH Occupation Printout #2.
  7. Half-page summary of OOH occupation #2 “Summary of (insert Occupation’s Name)”*
  8. Half-page explanation of why you chose to pursue occupation #2 titled “Why I Chose to Pursue an Occupation in (insert Occupation’s Name)”

*Remember to use your own words! See section on “Academic Integrity” regarding plagiarism.

Assignment Three:  Informational Interview of a Professional in the field of your interest. 

In this assignment you are required to identify a person that has been working in the field of your interest.  You are to set up a face-to-face interview.  Each student must use a different interviewee. Students must get prior approval from the instructor that the interviewee is appropriate for this assignment. Use this interview to find out additional information about the career you desire to pursue. The following are eight questions that may be of interest.  Also, review the power point presentation for conducting informational interviews.

  1. Why did you select this field of study?
  2. What experiences in your education did you find particularly valuable in preparing you for this field?
  3. Are there any particular educational or work experiences that you would encourage or recommend to a person who is pursuing a career in psychology that would better prepare them for entry into this career?
  4. Has studying psychology lived up to the expectations you had of it prior to entering it?
  5. Anything catch you by surprise when you started studying this field?
  6. Do you find this field of study personally satisfying? Why?
  7. What do you see as the future of this career (occupational outlook)?
  8. What are your future career plans?

Once the interview is completed you are to turn in a report. Included in the report will be:

  1. A list of all of the questions asked in boldface with the interviewee’s answers in regular print. These must be verbatim responses and not paraphrasing. At the top of the first page of questions will be the interviewee’s name, address, phone, e-mail, and other contact information. Under this will be the title for this section (i.e., Interview Questions and Answers).
  2. A brief paragraph entitled “Interview Summary” (i.e., 3-4 sentences).
  3. A statement on how this interview has influenced you in respect to pursuing a position in this field (approximately 6-7 sentences). Title this section “Impressions”.
  4. A photocopy of the thank you note and its addressed/stamped envelope that you sent to the person interviewed. If you e-mailed a thank you, you need to include a copy of the e-mail.

Plan ahead for this assignment, as appointments with people are difficult to secure. Some students have not completed this assignment in the past because they waited until a few weeks or so before it was due to be turned in, or their interviewee cancelled on them and they did not have time to find another person to interview, get approval for that person, interview the person, and complete the write-up. Students may get approval for more than one person in advance in order to cover their bases. Failure to sign up for an interviewee by the deadline will result in a 25-point reduction in the grade on the assignment. Changing an interviewee after the deadline will result in the same penalty. 

The order of items in your binder for the third assignment

  1. Cover sheet indicating “Assignment Three: Interview of a Professional in the Field” and your name centered on the page.
  2. Interview Questions and Answers with the interviewee’s name and contact information at the top of the page followed by the title “Interview Questions and Answers”
  3. Summary of the Interview titled “Interview Summary”
  4. Impressions titled “Impressions”
  5. Photocopy of the thank you note and addressed/stamped envelope or sent e-mail.

Additional Helpful Assignment:  Job Applications

In this exercise you will be required to (mock) apply to one position of employment at the bachelor’s level and one graduate school program in psychology or closely related field and to present a simulated application for each.

Position of Employment at the Bachelor’s Level:

  1. Copy of the actual job advertisement and where it is located. Include a notation on where you located the position (e.g., specific newspaper, online address). Highlight in the advertisement where it indicates that the position is full-time, and highlight where it indicates a requirement of a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social sciences, or behavioral sciences. If it does not include one of these three terms, the position is not acceptable for this assignment.
  2. Cover letter for the position
  3. Resume for the position
  4. Any additional application materials required for the position
  5. Statement on why you chose to apply to this position (6-7 sentences) titled “Why! Chose to Apply to (insert Name of Position)”

(Information on how to develop a resume and cover letter can be found in The Career Services Center Career Guide. Information is also provided in class.)


It is understood that some of the information in the applications will be hypothetical. However, the information should be realistic. Basically, since students typically apply for jobs in the beginning of their last semester of college (January), the information should reflect expected work and accomplishments up to that point.

This is quite a lengthy assignment so plan ahead.

The order of the material in your binder for the third assignment will be:

  1. Cover sheet indicating “Assignment Five: Job Applications” and your name centered on the page.
  2. Cover sheet indicating “Position of Employment at the Bachelor’s Level”
  3. Job advertisement
  4. Cover letter
  5. Resume
  6. Any additional required information
  7. Statement on why you chose to apply to this position titled “Why I Chose To Apply to (insert Name of Position)”